How do I load funds to my account?

The fastest way to fund your account is to click the wallet icon on the top right hand side of your account.



You will then be taken to our payment page. Each payment method has different instructions, so please follow the instructions to load your account with your chosen method.

Please Note: To load your account, you must ensure you first Verify your phone number. Also, certain ad types require higher deposits. Visit our Ad Type Minimums page.


Currently we accept the following payment options to load your account:

Credit Card: $50 minimum purchase required

*Available as soon as the processor completes the transaction

Paypal: $50 minimum purchase required

Paxum: $50 minimum purchase required

Wire: $1000 purchase required. Will be credited to your account in a timely manner. Please contact your Account Manager or Support for our wire details.

Crypto: $100 minimum purchase required. (USDT/BTC accepted only at this time)

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