What are the campaign minimum deposits?

Once you have successfully loaded your JuicyAds account, your next step would be to choose the type of advertising you want to buy. Everything you need to buy your ads can be accessed by clicking the "Buy Ads" link. 

Once you are in the "Buy Ads" section of the website, your next step is to choose your ad type. You can either browse our market place to purchase ad space directly on a specific website OR request a campaign for your ad to appear in all unsold ad space in all websites in our network.

Minimum Deposit Requirements for Specific Ad Types:

  • Direct Buy (pre-paid flat rate method; prices vary):                                $50 minimum deposit
  • Run Of Network (RON) Banner Campaign (CPC or CPM)                           $100 minimum deposit 
  • Popunder Campaign (CPM Only)                                                           $100 minimum deposit

For a full list of prices by country/campaign type, please view our Global Rate Sheet.

*Must have an account to view Rate Sheet


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