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If you choose to Whitelist your campaign, you will select ONLY websites you wish to receive traffic from. This is commonly used in combination with Country Targeting to effectively buy exactly the traffic you want on specific websites. There are two ways to request a Whitelist Campaign.

1) Standard Method (Available for both Banner and Popunder Campaigns) 

You will click on the "Banners" or "Popunders" tab from your home screen, click on campaigns in the drop down menu, and then "Start New Campaign". You'll do everything you would do normally to request a campaign, however you'll just have to choose Whitelist Mode when requesting the campaign. Only after the campaign has been requested can you then add your sources via Traffic Sources section of the Campaign Management page. 

To add/edit your sources, once in the campaign click on:

  • Traffic Optimization
  • Traffic Sources
  • Add/Edit your traffic sources




2) Via The Marketplace (Available for Banners Only):

Another way to request a Whitelist campaign is through our Marketplace. At this time, you only have the ability to Whitelist via the JuicyAds Marketplace for banner campaigns only

Just as if you were to scan The Marketplace for a Direct Buy. once you find a source you would like to whitelist. click "Buy Now" to view the site profile. While viewing the site profile, you can whitelist the entire website OR a specific zone you are interested in running your ad on.

Once you have selected your site/zone to be whitelisted and click "Start Campaign" you will be brought automatically to the standard campaign request page where you will then follow the standard procedure to request a campaign. When you submit the campaign, it will be targeted towards that site/zone only. 

Also, once a whitelist campaign has been approved, you can simply add a site/zone to your campaign via the site profile. Below is an example of what a site profile will look like for a whitelist campaign.





How do I remove Whitelisted Sources from my Campaign?

If you choose to remove whitelisted sources from your campaign, you would simply click "Manage Sources" from the Traffic Optimization Menu, select the sources you want to remove from your whitelist, and click "Remove Selected"


Once you see the source turn from green to red, it has been removed. It will take appx 24hrs before you no longer see it listed in your traffic sources but you will not receive traffic to that source any longer.


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