How to Purchase A Direct Buy

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Direct Buys are what our company was originally founded on, and from there we grew into one of the largest ad networks in the industry.

To Purchase an ad directly, please view our marketplace Here and use our filtering options at the top to narrow your search to find a website/zone that works for you.  Each site will display a Site Profile with additional data to help you decide with your purchase. Once you have found the adzone that you want to purchase, select how long you want to own the space (7, 14, or 30 days) and click the Buy Now button.

Example of a site profile for


You will be taken to the "Buy Ad Spot" form where you will complete the following information:

  • Link URL: This is the URL you want your ad to link to
  • Upload your banner creative: You can upload more than one image, but you will have to manually select the image    you want displayed at any given time. Direct Buys can't rotate images.
  • Turn on/off auto-renewal: If you want to renew this spot indefinitely, please make sure to set "AutoRenew On". The       space will automatically renew from your account balance until you cancel it. 
  • Click "Buy Now" to complete the purchase.

Sample "Buy Ad Spot" form



What if the adspace I want to buy is already SOLD OUT!?

Since alot of ad space is currently sold you will see that the adzone is "Sold Out". This does NOT mean that you can't buy it at all! If this is the case, please click here to read about our OUTBID Auctions!

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