What types of ads can I buy with Juicyads?

Banner Ads- Image-based ads rather than text-based (though we have text based as well) and are a popular form of website advertising. You can purchase either Run Of Network Banner Ads (RON) or DIRECT BUY ads. For more information on the difference between RON and Direct Buys, please click here

Popunders- a variation on the pop-up window is the popunder,  which opens a new browser window hidden under the active window. Upon visiting a website, a surfer will simply get a pop ad under the current browser screen when he/she interacts with (clicks) the page. Popunders are charged strictly on a CPM basis and only a URL/landing page is required.

Native Ads- Similar to our banner ads, Native ads are designed to appear as content on a publishers website. Native ads cannot have any text or other ad elements. They only contain images designed to attract the surfer to click the image. Once clicked, it will open up the advertisers landing page. According to research, Native ad spend is expected to increase by 372% in the next 5 years.

Please review our Native Ad Guidelines.

Native Interstitial Ads- Created as an alternative to popunder ads which opens up a separate browser window, native interstitial ads display a number of Native Ads over the publishers website, blocking content entirely. The surfer will not be able to advance to the desired website unless they click the "Continue" button.

Sample of Native Interstitial Ad for example purposes. (You can customize the amount of ads displayed)

Click to view full size.

mceclip0.pngVAST IN-VIDEO BANNER ADS- VAST ADS (or Digital Video Ad Serving Template) are in development and are currently in the Alpha Testing stage. It is an industry standard created by the IAB to make video ad delivery, usually pre-roll or post-roll ads, easier to implement across different services. If you would like to participate in alpha testing our VAST ads, please click here.


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