Blacklist and Whitelist Campaigns (Banners and Popunders)

Juicyads offers their advertisers the opportunity to either Blacklist or Whitelist specific traffic sources in order to fully optimize their campaigns.

How They Work:

Blacklist - By excluding traffic sources (websites) that are unproductive to your campaigns/offers, advertisers can specify a list of Site IDs that they do not wish to receive traffic from. This is the default campaign setting for all banner and popunder campagins.

Also see: How to setup your Blacklist Campaign

Whitelist - You target only specific sources (websites) that are productive to your campaign/offer. You will not receive traffic from any other sources in our network.

Also see: How to setup your Whitelist Campaign

JuicyAds supports whitelisting and blacklisting traffic sources on both Banner and Popunder campaigns. After setting your blacklist or whitelist sources, please allow up to 30 minutes for the changes to take effect.


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