S2S Postbacks (Banners): NATS / NATS for Networks (N4N)

With any S2S Postback integration, it is about how data is passed from JuicyAds to your URL, and then into your website and back to JuicyAds when an event takes place. In both cases (NATS/N4N) you need to pass the JuicyAds-originating "click ID" value through the tracking links into your NATS system, so at minimum you need the {dynamicS2S} variable appended to your URLs entered into your JuicyAds campaign.
Step 1: Setting up your campaign URLs
Everything for a NATS for Networks integration starts with a valid URL from your website.
NATS For Networks takes the {dynamicS2S} "click ID" from JuicyAds through NATS variable "_ocid":
For NATS, the "click ID" {dynamicS2S} variable can be sent in subscription_passthrough1-subscription_passthrough5 additional tracking parameters like so:
The URL above has NATS placeholders that need to be populated before you can use the URL in your JuicyAds campaign:
<nats_domain> should be replaced with your actual NATS install domain.
<ocode> should be for your juicyads affiliate account that you are going to place the postback under
This is the most basic setup example. You can expand depending on what you want for data, for example (N4N);
The URL above has macros/tokens added that will be populated by JuicyAds, which should not be changed or adjusted;
{dynamicS2S} - Unique "click ID"
{dynamicCMP} - Campaign ID source of traffic
{dynamicPUB} - Publisher UID source of traffic
{dynamicSITE} - Site ID source of traffic
{dynamicZNE} - Zone ID source of traffic
Once these placeholders have been replaced and the URL is valid, it is ready to be used to send traffic from your JuicyAds campaign.
Step 2: Posting back events to JuicyAds
After traffic has been received from JuicyAds with the macros in place on your campaign URLs, when there are signups or leads, NATS will fire an event "postback" to JuicyAds that logs the event in your JuicyAds statistics that will show what traffic sources are converting. To send data back from NATS software to JuicyAds, you need to provide NATS with your Global S2S Postback URL, populated with the comparable NATS data macros.
You can retrieve your JuicyAds Postback URL from the "Performance Tracking" area of your JuicyAds campaign.
The provided URL will look like the one below, but [DO NOT EDIT] will contain real data that should not be changed:[DO NOT EDIT]&s2s={dynamicS2S}&amount={Amount}&token=[DO NOT EDIT]&data=[DO NOT EDIT]
You need to populate the URL with the required NATS macros to pass the data back to JuicyAds:
NATS for Networks Example
{dynamicS2S} is passed from NATS as %%_ocid%%
{Amount} is passed from NATS as %%decimal_commission%%
Sample URL:[DO NOT EDIT]&s2s=%%_ocid%%&amount=%%decimal_commission%%&token=[DO NOT EDIT]&data=[DO NOT EDIT]
NATS Example:
{dynamicS2S} is passed from NATS as %%passthrough1%%
{Amount} is passed from NATS as %%amount%%
Sample URL:[DO NOT EDIT]&s2s=%%passthrough1%%&amount=%%decimal_commission%%&token=[DO NOT EDIT]&data=[DO NOT EDIT]
About Referring URLs
The Referral URL is a common NATS variable, but is unsupported by JuicyAds at this time.
We handle this by passing the SiteID into NATS to help as a referring URL reference.
NATS For Networks Example:
By adding &subaff2={dynamicSITE} to your campaign URL, it will allow N4N to track and breakdown the referring SiteID that is provided by JuicyAds campaigns, like this;
For regular NATS, you must pass the JuicyAds {dynamicSITE} macro into NATS on one of the other subscription_passthrough variables if they want to store it in NATS with a customer record, for example;
Need More Help?
For more information regarding the NATS URLs, you will need to speak with your NATS representative.
Below are some helpful links provided from NATS:

*We will be updating this article with popunder specific instructions soon...

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