Adsistant® Advanced Rules-based Optimization Tutorial

The Adsistant® Rule Builder tool allows you to optimize banner campaigns based on past data and a set test volume to block traffic sources that are not performing up to your expectations. Using simple English that shows you logically and exactly what the rule will accomplish when enabled.
For example, if you want to block traffic sources that have not produced at least $10 within 1000 clicks, you would enter this rule:

Using a sample size of 1000 clicks, based on 30 days of past data, sources not generating at least $10 would be blocked.

Once you've set up rules, they will be available to enable on all of your banner campaigns.

Please note that most of these tools require you set up Server to Server postback (S2S) tracking., in order to properly optimize your campaigns. To learn more about implementing S2S Postbacks, read this guide.
SimpleCPA also requiring S2S, offers another method for fast optimization. To use SimpleCPA you simply need to set your target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) price in the window. The tool will then analyze the traffic you are receiving, and the dollar amount you are earning then limit traffic sources to only those meeting that criteria.
Be sure to set a reasonable CPA target, otherwise you may be blocking valuable traffic. To disable SimpleCPA, simply change the CPA target to $0 and you will receive traffic from all sources available, based on your targeting.
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