Frequency Capping

Popunder Campaigns:

Often we get asked by advertisers if they can edit frequency capping for popunder campaigns.

At this time, the frequency capping is static and is set to 1/12hrs per unique IP. Meaning any particular IP address will only see one pop every 12hrs per website. It cannot be changed, edited, or altered at this time.


Banner Campaigns:

Frequency Capping can be set ONLY for CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) banner campaigns. We do not have a frequency capping option for CPC (Cost per click) campaigns.

To edit the frequency cap for your CPM banner campaigns:

  • Click the "Settings and Statistics" menu in your banner campaign
  • Click the "Settings" option
  • Scroll down to the "Bidding/Price" section of the page
  • Enter the desired frequency cap 
  • Save by clicking the "Update Settings" button to lock in changes


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