Requesting a refund

When requesting a refund in our network, you will need to contact a member of our staff via our live chat platform, contact form, or email.

As an advertiser looking for a refund on funds loaded to your account, we ask that you do not request it as a payment through our platform. Payments are reserved for publishers looking to be paid out for revenue generated from their traffic.

If you request payment for funds loaded to your account, it may delay your refund. The fastest way to get your refund processed would be to contact us directly via the methods mentioned above.

Under NO circumstances will JuicyAds refund to ANY digital wallet other than the one it came from. ALL account loads must be refunded back the same way they were loaded.

For example: PayPal loads will only be refunded to the Paypal account that loaded the funds, Paxum loads back to the Paxum account that loaded the funds, etc.)

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    Hi it's been a week. There is no traffic here. Very disappointed with juicy ads kindly refund my amount thanks

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