Do you have responsive ads?

In response to Google's "Annoying Ads" policy, we have implemented necessary modifications to our Layer/Float ads to ensure compliance and prevent any penalties for our publishers. Google now imposes restrictions on ads that cover more than 30% of the screen on mobile devices. To adhere to this guideline, we have introduced responsive capabilities for the following ad types:


Layer/Float Ads (Sticky Ads) and In-Video Ads

When creating your Layer/Float or In-Video ad zones, you will receive two sets of codes. The first set is a 300x250 code designed for desktop devices, while the second set is a 300x100 code specifically optimized for mobile devices. These responsive ad sizes are implemented to safeguard our publishers from any potential negative impact stemming from Google's policy.

At JuicyAds, we are actively working on developing additional responsive ad sizes to cater to evolving industry requirements. We encourage you to check back with us at a later date for further updates on new responsive ad types.

By adapting our ad formats to align with Google's guidelines, we strive to provide a compliant and seamless advertising experience for our publishers.

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