Return/Fallback URL for Popunders

When obtaining your PopUnder Code from JuicyAds, you have the option to incorporate a Return (Fallback) URL. This feature allows you to redirect any unsold traffic to a designated URL of your choice.

Please note that you can specify any website as the Return URL, except the same URL of your website.

For example, if you wish to redirect unsold traffic to an affiliate URL, simply enter the affiliate URL in the provided "Return URL" field and click the "Generate Encoded Link" button.

Once you have entered the Return URL, we will regenerate a unique popunder code. The customized code will include the designated return URL, ensuring that any unsold traffic, if present, will be redirected accordingly. This functionality is available for both the Standard Code and our "Friendly"  Code.

By utilizing the Return (Fallback) URL feature, you have greater flexibility in managing your unsold traffic and directing it to a destination that aligns with your desired outcomes.

You can obtain your popunder code and enter in the Return/Fallback URL here

You can customize the Return URL by clicking the </> icon to obtain your popunder code, and entering in a new Return URL as seen below.

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