Customize Your Email Preferences

At JuicyAds, we value your control over your inbox. That's why we provide you with the option to manage the types of emails, mailings, and newsletters you receive from us. While we highly recommend opting in to stay informed, we understand that your preferences may vary. Therefore, you have the ability to opt out if you wish.

You can choose to opt in or out of the following email categories:

  • The JuicyAds Newsletter: Stay up to date with the latest news, trends, and insights in the advertising industry.

  • CherryPix™ Your Personal Adsistant™ Emails: Receive personalized recommendations for ads to buy and sources to add to your campaigns, tailored specifically to your needs.

  • JuicyAds Notifications: Get important account and ad-related notifications, ensuring you never miss a critical update. (Please note that essential emails such as password reset notifications will still be sent.)

How To Update Email Notifications:

Updating Your Email Notifications:

  1. Navigate to the left-hand sidebar and click on "My Account," followed by "Settings."

  2. On the settings page, locate and click on the "Notifications" tab.

  3. Choose your preferred email notifications by selecting or deselecting the appropriate checkboxes.

  4. Once you have made your selection, remember to click on "Save Changes" to ensure your settings are updated and locked in.

We strive to provide you with a seamless and tailored experience, and customizing your email preferences is an essential part of that.





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