Website Content Ratings

Each website within our network is assigned a specific content rating, which provides information about the nature of the content, permissible images, and acceptable links when purchasing ads on those websites. It is essential to review and adhere to the category requirements of the website you intend to advertise on. Failure to comply with the image and link posting rules associated with each category can result in the rejection and removal of your ad by the publisher without prior notice.

Category: Non Nude
When purchasing ads on Non Nude websites, it is imperative that your images do not include any form of nudity. This includes hardcore, topless, or explicit images that show more than what is typically seen in magazines like FHM or Maxim. As a general guideline, if an image does not depict explicit content, it can be considered non nude. While you can promote nude or even hardcore websites on Non Nude websites, it is crucial to avoid using explicit or nude images.

Category: Softcore
"Softcore" websites fall under the category of pornographic websites. They encompass various forms of pornography and may feature nudity. However, when purchasing ads on Softcore websites, it is not permissible to include "hardcore" images. A hardcore image typically depicts penetration or explicit sexual acts. As long as an image does not portray sexual intercourse or oral sex, it is generally acceptable as softcore. It is worth noting that many publishers consider images featuring a penis to be classified as hardcore, so it is advisable to refrain from using such images in your softcore ads. While links to hardcore content are allowed, explicit images must be avoided.

Category: Hardcore

"Hardcore" websites allow for a wide range of content, including both general and explicit links and images. These websites have no restrictions and embrace all forms of explicit content. You can upload and promote hardcore images and links on these websites. However, publishers may still request changes or removal of your advertisement if it is deemed obscene or inconsistent with the website's content.


Please be aware that JuicyAds no longer offers a "General/Non Adult" content rating for websites, and we cannot guarantee that only safe-for-work (SFW) content will be displayed in your ad zones. It is important to carefully consider the content rating of the websites you choose to advertise on to ensure alignment with your advertising goals and target audience.

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