Day/Time/Throttle Settings (Banners and Popunders)

Day/Time Targeting:

Have you ever noticed that sales can trend at certain times of the day, but not others? Often times certain products and services sell better during the evening hours and not during the day (think of people browsing the internet while at work). You may notice different results by targeting at different times of the day, and that will also range by country.

For example, a campaign that combines North American traffic with European traffic, improperly targeted for night time in North America may return better results there, but worse results for the European countries. Therefore, when using hourly targeting its best to ensure you're targeting countries that also reside in the same time zones, otherwise your targeting may have adverse results.

With our platform you can easily select the hours you want to promote, simply by checking the boxes that are applicable to the hours you want to promote. The ads will display during those times.

mceclip0.pngOur servers operate on US Eastern Standard time or UTC/GMT -5 during standard time and −4 hours UTC/GMT -4 during daylight saving time.


Throttle Settings:

Lowering the throttle percentage will reduce the flow of traffic in an attempt to smooth delivery of your traffic over the whole day if your campaign seems to only get traffic early in the day.


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