Auto Payments

Auto Payments is just another Juicy feature we have added for our publishers to make their lives easier. Instead of having to remember to request your payment each week, you can simply set your account up to be paid automatically.

First, make sure you have added your payment details to the "Settings" page found here.

Once you have added your payment details, you can set up your auto-payment here. Simply select the minimum payment you wish to receive along with the payment method ($25 PayPal/Paxum, $100 Cheque, $500 Wire) and then click "Setup AutoPayment."

Thats it, you are all set.

*Please note that our normal payment request schedule applies to auto payments. Meaning if you have a PayPal auto payment set up to pay you once you reach $100, and you reach that amount on a Thursday for example, the payment will not be processed until the following Friday.

To read more about our payment deadlines, please check out our article "Payment Types, Schedule, and Fees".

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