Why is my campaign showing as paused?

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At times you may notice that your campaign has stopped spending but you have not disabled it and/or set a budget. The campaign will be highlighted in yellow and say Paused.

Example of paused Campaign


This could happen for a couple of reasons.     

1) Your campaign has reached its daily budget. If you click the stats button next to the campaign, you will view your campaign stats and spending report. In most cases campaigns are paused because their budgets have exhausted.

2) You do not have enough money in your account for the campaign to exhaust its budget. 

  • Example 1: If you have $50 available in your account and a $250 campaign budget, we will automatically pause your campaign to prevent it from overspending and bringing your account into the negative. 
  • Example 2: If you have several campaigns running at once and do not have enough in the available balance to cover all of the set budgets for your campaigns, we will automatically pause the campaign(s) to prevent overspending and bringing the account into the negative.

If you are still unsure as to why your campaign may be paused, please contact Live Support.

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