Reporting Problems with a Direct Buy Purchase

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If by chance you have any issues with a direct buy purchase such as:

  • An ad has changed in a way that has significantly reduced clicks or impressions.
  • The zone description is grossly inaccurate.
  • The ad is not appearing on website as expected, etc)

You are able to notify us about it easily. Click the "Report a Problem" link if you have any issues regarding your direct buy purchase HERE.


A very common problem reported is not being able to find your ad on the site you purchased traffic from. Please note, it may take a few minutes for your ad to appear on the publishers site, or possibly longer depending on the cache settings of the website you purchased traffic from.

To make finding your ad easier, you can view sample URLs where the adzone is displayed from the Website Profile page (Visible in the Marketplace, and from the Purchased Ads page)

Click the Sample URLs listed on the website profile page and you should be able to find your ad displayed on those pages. If you are unable to find your ad, it doesn't necessarily mean that your ad is not being displayed. Often times publishers will rotate ads with other ad networks, display ads depending on your location, etc. If you are unsure why your ad is not displaying, please feel free to contact support or click the "Report A Problem" link mentioned above.

Sample of a website profile page with Sample URL's listed


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