Blacklisting RON Campaigns

When requesting your RON Banner Campaign, you will be given two options. Blacklist Mode or Whitelist Mode. When choosing the Blacklist option for your campaign, you cannot also Whitelist sources in the same campaign, and vice versa. 


What is Blacklisting for RON Banner Campaigns?

This is the standard campaign type. You will automatically receive traffic from sources that meet your bid and you can remove sources you do not want (By ZoneID or SiteID). It works with both CPC and CPM campaigns! To manage sources for your campaign, in the campaign management platform, click the "Traffic Sources" option and click on "Manage Blocking"

Once inside the "Manage Blocking" page, you can enter sources you want to block (again by SITE ID or ZONE ID). Once blocked, you can individually unblock individual sources, or unblock all sources in one click. 

Here is an example of what your campaign will look like with blocked sources. 


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