Blacklist Campaigns and Blocking Traffic Sources

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When requesting your campaign, you will be given two options. Blacklist Mode or Whitelist Mode. Blacklist mode is the standard campaign type. When choosing the Blacklist option for your campaign, you cannot also Whitelist sources in the same campaign, and vice versa. 

How to Blacklist (block) sources from your campaign:

You will automatically receive traffic from ALL sources that meet your targeting parameters. You can block any sources you do not want to receive traffic from any longer.

To view your campaign sources and block any sources from your campaign, click the "Traffic Optimization"  link in your top menu, then click on "Traffic Sources"


In the "Traffic Sources" section of your campaign, you'll see a list of all ZoneID's (Banner Campaigns Only), Publisher ID's, and SiteID's you received traffic from once your campaign is active and receiving traffic.

You have the option to block these sources by ZoneID (Banner Campaigns Only), Publisher ID, or by SiteID if you no longer wish to receive traffic from them. Below is a screenshot of your "Traffic Sources" page. To block specific sources from your campaign:

1. Select the source you want to block.

2. Choose to block the source by ZoneID (Banner Campaigns Only), Publisher ID, or by SiteID.

3. Click "Go" to save your settings.

You will also be provided with the option to block sources in any other banner campaigns of yours as well.




Editing/Unblocking Blocked Traffic Sources:

Under "Traffic Optimization" click the "Mange Blocked Sources" option to view all blocked sources, OR  you can individually unblock individual sources you no longer want to be blocked, or simply unblock all sources at once. 

Here is an example of what your "Manage Blocked Sources" page will look like. Again, unblocking by ZoneID is available for banner campaigns only.




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