What is AutoRenewal and how does it work?

An Advertiser can automatically renew Ads by turning on AutoRenew. Payment will come from your Account Balance only. We do not charge your credit cards or other accounts for AutoRenew payments.

Your original purchase price will be locked in when you choose AutoRenew, and it will not change. However, Publishers may cancel, refund, or Price Bump AutoRenewals at any time, especially if prices have changed significantly.

AutoRenew can be activated or deactivated at any time in the "Purchased Ads" section of the "Manage My Ads" page

View from "Purchased Ads" section of the "Manage My Ads" page.


Once you click "renew ad" you will be brought to a screen similar to this allowing you to renew the ad again for 7, 14, or 30 days OR you can Auto Renew the ad so you don't have to keep renewing it manually.


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