Why is my site not visible in the marketplace? (or specific adzone)

You may be wondering why you are seeing this message on your website profile:

This website does not have any AdZones available for sale at this time:

  • This website may be new and generating statistics (24-48hrs).
  • Existing zones may not be receiving clicks or impressions in the last 24-48hrs.

It takes 24-48 hours for the statistics to be populated for a new site and/or ad zone. Your website/ad zone will not show up in the marketplace unless they have a full day of stats, at least one click AND at least 1000 impressions.

Zones will NOT show up if they do not receive the minimum amount of clicks or impressions. Advertisers will still be able to purchase the adzone directly from your website, but it will not appear in the marketplace.

If your zone is not yet available in the marketplace, but does have over 1000 impressions AND at least one click for today, it will then be available for sale the NEXT day. Similarly, if your zones had clicks AND impressions yesterday and receive none today, they will NOT appear for sale tomorrow.

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