My verification failed. Why is my phone number blocked? Why can't it be verified?

We do not allow the verification of certain phone number types because they are considered "anonymous." These phone numbers can be easily obtained and do not provide any protection for our clients, so we block them from being used for verification. This includes Google Voice, Skype, prepaid mobile, and most VOIP services.


We allow the following types of phones: 

  • Permanent (Contract) Mobile
  • Landlines
  • Some (not all) Permanent VOIP phone numbers  

If you have had 3 failed attempts to verify before changing to an acceptable phone number, your account will be blocked from further verification attempts for 24hrs. Once 24hrs time has passed, you can try again.

*If you are in Kosovo, you may use Monaco as the country when requesting a call. Depending on how long you have had the number, it may or may not work. Users from Vietnam and Kosovo may need to request to be manually verified*

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