Phone Verification System: Do I have to verify my account? How do I verify? Why am I not getting a call?

Do I need to verify my account? Why?

All accounts must be verified in order to fully use our platform. Advertisers need to be verified to load your account with funds, and publishers must verify their accounts to request payments. We require verification to reduce fraud, which protects both JuicyAds and our clients.

How do I verify my account?

In order to verify, click the “Get Verified” link below your username when you first login.


You must use a contracted cell phone , landline, or permanent VOIP to verify. (We do NOT accept prepaid mobile phones or temporary VOIPs) Then make sure you complete the following steps:

>Choose your country and preferred language from the drop down list and click "Call Me Now" >An automated call will be sent with a 4 digit PIN number >Enter the PIN number in the field provided.

Why am I not getting a call?

If you are not receiving a call please make sure:

  • That you have NOT included your country code in the phone number. Instead, you will select your country from the drop down box provided when attempting your call. Make sure you have entered the number as if you were to dial it from within your own country. The country code will be dialed automatically.
  • Please make sure you are not using a prepaid mobile phone or a Temporary VOIP.
  • If you have made sure you have NOT included your country code or used an invalid device to verify your account, please contact a support agent or open a support  ticket for further solutions.

*If you have 3 failed attempts to verify or use an unacceptable phone number, your account may be blocked from further attempts.

*Known companies can contact us directly for manual verification.


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