Targeting Options For Banner Campaigns

Obviously when running campaigns. not all traffic in our network will be productive for your specific campaign. We have a variety of targeting filters that Advertisers can use to effectively target their traffic, thus improving quality, increasing sales, and minimizing unproductive sources. We offer the following filters for advertisers to target their Banner Campaigns:


Geo Targeting - Target all Tier 1, Tier 2, and/or Tier 3 countries


Niche targeting - Target only the niches of sites you want your campaign to appear on.

Quality (Alexa) targeting -  Set the Alexa rating of what sites you want your ad to appear on. You can set the rating anywhere from < 1,000 to < 1,000,000 or simply choose "Doesn't Matter" to target all sites regardless of rating. 

OS Targeting & Browser Targeting - 

Click here for more information on OS & Browser Targeting



Hourly Targeting and Throttle - Set the time of day you want your campaign to run and control the flow of traffic with our Throttle Feature. Changing the throttle from 100% will reduce the flow of traffic in an attempt to smooth delivery of your traffic over the whole day if your campaign seems to only get traffic early in the day.

Click Here for more information on Hourly Targeting and Trottle

Sexy Technology™ - Unique only to JuicyAds, this system is designed to block unproductive traffic sources from eating up your daily budget. We use a proprietary algorithm to block traffic we feel will not be beneficial to your campaign. When enabled it will block adzones automatically from your campaign on an ongoing basis. Our Sexy Technology™ is a two part machine of "Sexiness". *Note: we do not provide the algorithm to clients.

   Variant One: Performance - Enable our propriatary optimization solution to automatically optimize your traffic sources for quality purposes. If you disable this feature, you may receive MUCH MORE traffic, but the quality may be lower. The choice is yours!

   Variant Two: AutoBlocking - If you enable this feature, you may choose the Test Clicks amount (per source) and Maximum CTR for Traffic Sources to remain (and avoid being blocked) from your campaign(s).

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