Device Type Targeting

Lets look at traffic device types and how they may affect your profits.

Most notably, being able to sell any product effectively, you need to understand what it is and how it works. In the case with TotemCash, the Desktop Stripper product converts best on desktop computers so the key is to not send them other types of traffic.

With the JuicyAds platform you are able to easily target by devices. By selecting just Desktop Computers and Tablets in your JuicyAds campaigns you can exclude all the Mobile traffic and Console traffic to reduce the number of clicks (or impressions) you are purchasing.

By making these changes, it removed traffic from reaching TotemCash that was unlikely to convert. It was not a problem with the traffic itself, it was that people on those devices are not likely to purchase (or download) the Desktop Strippers product. The results were impressive. Conversion ratios improved by over 57% with this one simple change, which also resulted in a savings of half the cost to purchase the traffic, and bigger profit margins.

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