How to add a banner to an RON campaign/Accepted file formats

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When requesting your banner campaign, we offer a variety of banner sizes to upload to ensure your campaign reaches its maximum traffic potential. You can upload several of each banner size, and up to 12 different banner types/sizes. 

You can upload your banner AFTER the campaign has been submitted for review, and while you wait for our staff to review and approve your campaign.

To load images to your campaign, click "Banners" then "Campaigns" on the left hand side. Find the campaign you want to load images to in your list of campaigns, then click "Manage". Then  "Ad Manager" under "Settings and Statistics" at the top of your campaign's management page.

To upload your images, Click the "Attach Files" button (See below) and follow the steps listed on the page. Images can only be uploaded in .jpeg, .png, and .gif  *If you upload a file in another format, you will receive an error and will not be able to complete your upload.

***Click Here to view Sample Ad Sizes, Traffic Volumes by Type, and Max Image File Size***


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