Managing Your Campaign Images and Image Specific URLs

Once you have successfully uploaded your banners, you will want to monitor them for performance in the "Ad Manager" Section of your campaign to see which banners are performing best. You may want to disable/delete banners that are not performing well and keep those that are earning you money.

We provide stats that you can use to determine which banners are performing the best for each banner image.

Banner Rating/Stats - Each banner is provided its own unique image ID and individual rating designated by our staff to ensure they are displayed in our publishers adzones properly. For each image, you are provided with click stats totals (unique and raw), impression totals, and CTR% totals (Click Thru Ratio) 

Banner Options - Each banner has an option to disable it temporarily until you want to use it again, an option to delete it altogether if you deem it unproductive, and an option to view a daily breakdown of stats for a selected date range of your choice. 

*You will also be provided with a "Delete all images" option if you choose to replace all current banners with new ones.

Image Specific URL Option - You will also be able to designate an image specific URL to each banner if you so choose, to allow you to send clicks to your images to a different domain depending on the offer/image. This means more control, flexibility, and tracking options for your campaign. This feature is strictly optional. If you do not provide an image specific URL, we will simply send the click to the default campaign URL you provided in your campaign request.

*The Image Specific-URL" is an OPTIONAL feature and is NOT required. If you leave it blank, traffic will be directed to the main URL designated to your campaign*

How to enter Image Specific URL:

1) Select image

2) Select "Update Image-Specific URL" from drop down menu

3) Enter image URL in the field on right

4) Click "Go" button to set image specific URL live

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