How do I qualify to run 3rd Party codes?

Third party codes will be permitted only to Direct Advertisers from known trusted companies with code we can verify as safe such as companies like BongaCash, AdultFriendFinder and similar who have dynamic tags that we know are safe.
Companies who are NOT Direct Advertisers will be declined 3rd party codes in nearly all cases, and provided only under the following strict regulations:
1. Trusted Advertisers based on our discretion.
2. A $1000 damage deposit.
3. No 3rd party code from other advertisers will be allowed inside 3rd party tags provided to JuicyAds (No 3rd party code inside 3rd party code).  The only exception would be for trusted direct advertisers (as described above in #1).
4. A complete list of all links and codes inside submitted 3rd party tag will be required to be provided in advance for verification of safety.
5. No malware, tech support, fake updates and viruses, redirection, or pops from banner codes are allowed.
If these guidelines are not possible, then we simply have to decline due to safety concerns.
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