Do I get paid by CPC or CPM?

Publishers are paid a combination of all three payment models (CPC, CPM, CPA) based on the Advertiser’s choice.  Publishers cannot choose their payment method.  In other words, if an advertiser is paying via CPC, then the Publisher is paid per click. If the advertiser is paying via CPM, then the Publisher is paid per 1000 impressions.  The good news is, our ads are optimized to combine all three for the highest possible payment to our Publishers.  So if there is an advertiser paying on a CPC basis that will earn more for your traffic over a CPM campaign, those ads will be displayed. Its all about getting you to earn the most money possible for your ads.  Each traffic type is handled a bit differently.


Most advertisers prefer to buy CPC (per click).  Many of our advertisers choose to run CPM campaigns instead.  In rare cases, this traffic is sold on CPA basis.


Popunders are exclusively paid on a CPM basis. We will display the highest paying advertisers on your site to ensure maximum earnings.  In rare cases, this traffic is sold on CPA basis.


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