What are "Pending Payments"?

Pending Filler Ads/Popunders Revenue

This is revenue generated from Filler Ads and/or Popunders. This is the total for the previous 7 days. So if you generated revenue on the 1st, that day's amount will be added to your account balance after 7 days (on the 8th).

This is a rolling balance, and may shift up and down as your earnings increase or pending payments are transferred to your account balance.

Pending Ad Sales

This is money from Ads that have been sold on your website. This amount is the gross sale amount and your portion is paid into your Available Balance at the time the ad expires.

Pending Ad Renewals

These are renewals or extensions for Ads you have already sold. You will see these funds move to Pending Ad Sales when the previously purchased duration expires. The more Ad Renewals are listed, the longer your Ad spots are sold.

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