What are Filler Ads?

Filler Ads refer to targeted Run of Network Ads (RON) that are strategically placed within all available unsold ad zones across websites within our network. Unlike traditional direct ad purchases, where an advertiser selects a specific website, filler ads provide advertisers with the opportunity to showcase their ads on multiple websites simultaneously, based on their desired targeting criteria. Payment for filler ads is typically based on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or cost per click (CPC) basis, with CPC being the more common payment method for advertisers running filler ad campaigns.

To ensure optimal revenue generation, we employ our proprietary algorithm that optimizes the selection of ads displayed on your website. This algorithm prioritizes the highest paying ads, regardless of whether the advertisers have opted for CPC or CPM payment models. By leveraging this technology, we aim to maximize your earnings by delivering the most lucrative ads to your site's visitors.

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