Adsistant® AutoBidding

What is AutoBidding?

AutoBid is a sophisticated tool designed to enhance your advertising campaign management, offering precision, control, and valuable insights to optimize your bidding strategy effectively. This automated system enables advertisers to precisely target their desired position among fellow advertisers within our extensive network, ensuring more effective and efficient traffic acquisition. Instead of making bid decisions based on estimations, AutoBid streamlines the process, providing a data-driven approach to campaign management.

Maximum Bid Control

AutoBid grants you the flexibility to establish a maximum bid threshold, ensuring that you do not exceed your budgetary constraints by overbidding. This control mechanism safeguards your campaign's financial parameters while still harnessing the advantages of automated bidding.

Competitive View

To assist you in making informed bidding decisions, we provide a comprehensive list of leading bids tailored to the specific countries you are targeting. This competitive view empowers you with valuable insights into market dynamics and competitor positioning, aiding in the optimization of your bidding strategy.


Performance Metrics and Recommendations

  • Your Ranking

You have access to critical performance metrics, including your current bid ranking, eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mille) ranking, CTR, and overall eCPM. These metrics offer a holistic view of your campaign's performance, allowing for data-driven adjustments.

  • Cheat Sheet

Additionally, JuicyAds offers a "Cheat Sheet" feature, simplifying your decision-making process. This resource provides recommended bid values to help you achieve your desired positions, whether it be the top spot, a position within the top 10, a place in the top 100, or the minimum bid allowed.

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