Descrepancies Between JuicyAds Campaign Stats and 3rd party Tracking

There are many potential causes of campaign lander statistics that do not match JuicyAds. In most causes, these instances are caused by issues existing outside our advertising network, and at times, inadvertent user error.
JuicyAds Network issues
When there is a system outage affecting hardware or software, this affects the entire network and all campaigns, or multiple campaigns with the same settings or criteria. When these issues occur, our data and monitoring systems alert us to problems, or we receive many complaints from clients about the same issue.
Advertiser campaign issues
Settings inside an advertiser's campaign may cause misattribution of clicks originating from settings such as:
  • Incorrect campaign URL (check that you are using the correct campaign URL).
  • Split Testing (check that you are running traffic just to your default URL).
  • Image-specific URLs (check that you have not set any alternative URLs).
  • Traffic sources with high drop rates (use your S2S or tracker data to isolate under-performing sources).
Lander Origin Issues
Problems related to the lander or upstream providers can cause lost data and mismatched statistics, such as:
  • Statistics code not placed correctly on lander (ensure the lander contains your stats code).
  • Statistics code too far down on the page, or not loading due to other scripts (place code as far up on the page as possible).
  • Third-party code conflicts (ensure none of your third-party software is interfering).
  • Web Applicaton Firewall (WAF) CloudFlare, Stackpath, etc (ensure your upstream providers are not blocking traffic).
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) issues (ensure your CDN or bandwidth providers are operating properly).
  • Website uptime issues (ensure that your hosting provider has 99% uptime)
  • Website Redirects (ensure that code on your website is not sending your users elsewhere)
Statistics issues
Third-party statistics programs originating from third-parties often track and log traffic completely differently. Some trackers are known to not track all traffic, while others log only "unique" traffic (sometimes by IP or Cookie) while others do not count VPN/proxy traffic entirely. It is sometimes impossible to know what your chosen tracker is doing with your data, but here are some things we are aware of;
  • Google Analytics is estimated traffic, not realtime analytics (unless you are an Enterprise customer).
  • Our tests with Google Analytics show that up to 50% of traffic is not logged versus other trackers.
  • Google Tag Manager may block JuicyAds.
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