Can I remove a negative feedback rating?

We understand that it can be disheartening to receive negative feedback from an advertiser regarding their experience with your website. However, it is important for us to maintain the integrity of our feedback system. As a result, we do not alter or remove feedback unless it contains extremely false or defamatory content.

When faced with negative feedback, we recommend taking the opportunity to respond to the criticism and express your disappointment that the advertiser was not satisfied with their purchase. By addressing advertiser concerns in a proactive and professional manner, you can demonstrate your commitment to ensuring a positive experience for all advertisers.

Handling advertiser concerns effectively not only helps resolve the issue at hand but also showcases your dedication to providing excellent advertiser service. This proactive approach can even transform negative feedback into a positive outcome, as it communicates to future buyers that you genuinely care about the advertiser experience and are committed to addressing any concerns that may arise.

Remember, maintaining open lines of communication and addressing feedback constructively can significantly enhance your reputation as a publisher within the advertising community.

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