IP Targeting for Popunders

Our IP Targeting allows you to target specific IP addresses/ranges. This is generally useful for targeting specific carriers for 3G/4G devices. When ENABLED, your campaign will only deliver impressions from the selected IP Addresses and IP Ranges you selected to target. 

At this time, you can only set the IP targeting by contacting a member of our staff, or use our new interface which is accessible, but is still currently in βeta.  

Link to βeta UI:

Once signed in the new UI, you would go to Popunders > Manage Campaigns > Click "Manage" for the campaign you want to Edit > IP Targeting

In the input field, you will need to enter the range in CIDR format: Example

To enter in multiple ranges, they can be entered with a comma separating them:


If you do not have your IP ranges in CIDR format, you can use the following tool to help you properly convert them:


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