Alternative options for Mobile Redirects

We have made the decision to move away from mobile redirects for a number of reasons. Mainly because of Google de-indexing publisher websites using mobile redirect scripts. We have implemented alternative solutions to serve your mobile traffic needs.

Mobile Pops- Our popunder ads function very similar to our mobile redirect system did as it is on-click pops. This means that instead of the surfer being redirected to another web page, when they click your website they instead receive a pop ad. Pricing for some countries is actually lower for mobile pops rather than redirects.

Mobile Banners- If you are not interested in mobile pops, we offer a few banner sizes specifically designed for mobile devices. Our 300x250, 300x100, and 300x50 banners are specifically designed for mobile devices however you can upload any banner and simply select mobile devices when adjusting your campaign targeting settings.

For more information on how to implement our mobile ads, please open a ticket or speak with a live support rep.

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