Why are my Statistics different from JuicyAds? (Google Analytics, other)

We often receive questions from Publishers and Advertisers concerned about the amount of traffic they receive according to third-party counters.  There are many different statistics programs out there but the overwhelming majority of complaints we receive are regarding Google Analytics.

If you're looking for the short version: Google Analytics often counts significantly less traffic and we do not recommend using Google Analytics as a guide for your traffic volumes or earnings.


In October 2017, to illustrate the significant differences between Google Analytics, other Statistics programs, and the actual landing page, we conducted an experiment using PopUnder traffic, which has very high bounce rates and very low time on site than other traffic types.  Its common for people to close PopUnder windows before they completely load, which causes loss in statistics.  But, because we used three different Statistics programs to capture the data, the difference was shocking.

JuicyAds: We sent approximately 38,000 Pops per day over the course of 6 full days (279,606 total).



StatsCounter: Counted approximately 20,000 to 25,900 per day (149,985 total, approx 53%).




Google Analytics: Shockingly, only 84,055 "sessions" were counted by Google Analytics (approx 30%).  Even more interesting considering we placed the GA counter above both the StatsCounter and Redirect to the Lander.



Lander: The affiliate program we sent the traffic to counts by uniques (IPs) and even after two counters and a redirect, they counted 100,238 unique visits (36%).  More than Google Analytics.  Furthermore, this would have been even higher if the site tracked the traffic on more than just the IP address.

Conclusion:  Your landing pages receive more traffic than Google Analytics displays and other statistics programs may provide a better view of your received traffic.  When buying advertising from an advertising network or even managing your website, you should not take any third party statistics program as an absolute measure of your received traffic.


JuicyAds works with Unique traffic only.  We sell traffic determined to be "unique" through our own algorithm which includes more than just looking at an IP address (as thousands of people can use a single IP).  This means that the majority of traffic we buy and sell is unique, not raw.

Third party trackers often use different metrics and count traffic differently than we do (most common mistake is counting a unique only by its IP address).  Google Analytics (for example) counts traffic by "sessions" and "visitors" but we do not know the actual determining factors for this.

Traffic Delivery is nearly instant. All of our traffic is counted immediately before it is redirected to your landing page. This means that your counted traffic will almost always be lower than what you purchased.

Page Load Time is a factor. Everything takes time to load and its common for pages that load in more than 2 seconds to lose a significant amount of visitors.  Large graphics, statistics scripts, and other scripts loading before your counter will affect the amount of traffic counted. If a visitor closes the window before the page finishes loading completely, it probably won't count.  Ads placed at the bottom of a page versus the top will receive significantly more counted impressions.

Blocked Ads will not count.  If someone is running a blocker, display ad impressions may not count properly in our system, even if you are employing anti-ad-blocking scripting.

We are only counting ad impressions. For banner ads placed by a Publisher, we do not count the total traffic to your whole website, only the pages that our ads are placed on. Your whole website will have more traffic but we can only count where you place us.

Non-Human traffic is voided. Our hitbot detection models work non-stop to detect, block, and void invalid traffic from our network.  No network is able to remove 100% of non-human traffic (even if they say they do, they do not).  Likewise, statistics counters may count or block what they believe to be invalid traffic using different detection methods we cannot control.  Furthermore, we do not pay for invalid traffic and when possible we refund advertisers accordingly.

These are just a few reasons that explain why stats provided by JuicyAds may differ from yours as a Publisher or Advertiser.  You are welcome to contact us regarding any large discrepancies but we generally cannot make any determinations based on third party statistics counters.  There are only a few outlying situations where we are able to make a determination, usually when deep and specific data is provided to help detect a specific problem.

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