Why are my Google Analytic stats so different from Juicyads?

A lot of Juicyads advertisers and publishers are running Google Analytics on their sites/offers and find that our stats and Google's stats tend to differ in some cases. There are several reasons why JuicyAds stats may differ from your Google Analytics stats. We do not recommend using Google Analytics as a barometer for your earnings.

1) We pay for unique traffic only. Google tracks visits in "sessions". Each unique visitor can create a number of sessions based on how long they are on your site, the number of pages they view, etc. So one session  does not always equal one unique visit.

2) With pop​unders, an ad impression is generated once the surfer actually interacts with the page. This means that if the user visits your website, and closes it out without clicking on it, they will not receive a pop. A good way to get an idea if your traffic is actually clicking on your site is to view your bounce​ rate. For example: If you have an 80% bounce rate on, and you have 10,000 visitors to your site, you will have appx 2,000 ​visitors eligible for a pop because 8,000 visitors have had no interaction on your site, therefore there was no popunder ad fired.

3) Traffic inventory can also play a factor in why our stats are differing from Googles. Although we have buyers for ​all countries, ​every buyer has their own specific settings they prefer, for a campaign. For example, ​Blackberries are no longer as popular as they once were, so if you have 10 visits from BlackBerry devices, it's entirely possible no advertisers are targeting BlackBerry.

4) Visits from browsers that do not execute javascript (i.e adblockers) or load images will also not count impressions in our stats.

5) We are only counting impressions to your ads, not your website. So if there is no ad viewed, you wont be paid for the visit to your site. This is critical. A very basic example is if you have an adzone placed way at the  bottom of your website, and the surfer has to scroll all the way down to see it, it will obviously generate far less impressions than your webpage as a whole.

These are just a few reasons that explain why Juicyads stats and Google Analytics stats may differ significantly, and why our stats are more than likely lower than Googles. Obviously there are outlying situations that may not be listed above that may also result in a stats difference. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our support staff.

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