What Causes Blank Ads?

Occasionally you may add our banner code to your website, only to see it displaying a blank ad, or an error message. Although it can be frustrating this is almost always a localized issue that can easily be fixed. There can be several reasons why this may be happening

1. Try clearing your cookies and cache in your internet browser. Often publishers cookies and cache fill up because of the amount of information being stored in the browser. This can easily be fixed by simply clearing your browsers cookies and cache in its settings.

2. Try viewing the ads in another browser. If you are seeing our ads appear in another browser then there is likely some sort of issue with your current browser settings that needs to be corrected.

3. Newly created ad-zones may take a few minutes to display ads. If after appx. 10 minutes you still do not see any ads, or an error message displayed in the ad-zone please contact live support or open a ticket.

Its also possible there may be a website caching issue - caching our ads via scripting or a third party service like Cloudflare will affect the display of ads.

Running RON (Banner Ads) While Using Cloudflare and Rocketscript

Cloudflare will interfere with our advertising services and may attempt to re-write our delivery code. It may cause blank adzones or cached adzones, both of which may significantly affect your JuicyAds revenues.
You will know that Cloudflare is affecting your adzones if the JuicyAds code is changed or modified to include tags showing “rocketscript” 



To resolve this issue, you must change your settings with Cloudflare to disable Rocketscript on any JuicyAds scripts you may be running, so that they are ignored and pass through without modification.

Any modification to our delivery scripts may cause them to malfunction.

As an alternative, adding the following tag to the script tag tells Cloudflare to bypass modification by Rocketloader on that specific script:




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