How Much Can I Earn As A JuicyAds Publisher?

Each website has its own unique traffic flow. Unfortunately it is impossible to provide an estimate on how much our publishers may earn. Several factors play into what you will be paid.

  •  Advertiser Bids - Advertisers bid on traffic to our websites unsold adspace. Our internal proprietary algorithms will ensure that the highest paying ads will be displayed on your website. Some ads pay per click (CPC), others may pay per 1000 impressions (CPM)  Advertiser Bids can change from day to day or even hour to hour. So there is no telling exactly how much you will earn based on your traffic.
  • Traffic Geos - Certain countries are in higher demand than others. Higher demand equals more earnings. Driving traffic to your site from US, UK, CA, and other English speaking (Tier 1) countries generally will pay you the most. That is not to say that you can't earn more from other countries, but in general traffic from Tier 1 countries pay the most, Traffic from Europe (Tier 2) pays moderately, and traffic from the rest of the world (Tier 3) pays the least.
  • Which advertisers are displayed on your site -  Not all advertisers ads will be displayed on your site. Some advertisers only want to be displayed on specific sites and adzones within specific sites. Some advertisers only want to run their ads on sites with specific niches that match up well with their campaigns. The ads displayed on your site are targeted specifically for your traffic based on our advertisers demand and may pay more (or less) than traffic to other websites with similar traffic.
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