How can I obtain a Direct Popunder URL for my website?

We offer a direct Popunder URL feature for select publisher sites, but it is only available to publishers with exceptional websites. To add this feature to your website, you need to undergo a review process conducted by a member of our staff.

To determine your eligibility and initiate the review process, please send an email to our Publisher specialist, Luke, at In your email, include the URL of the website(s) for which you want to enable the Direct Popunder URL. If you have multiple sites, please ensure you provide the URLs for all of them so that we can provide a unique URL for each website.

If you have already received approval for the direct URL, you can obtain it within your account. Simply navigate to the "Publisher" menu in the left sidebar of your account. From there, select "Sites and Adzones" and then click on "</>" under the "Popunders" section.  (See screenshot below).


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