WordPress Integration for JuicyAds v3 Banner Codes

For WordPress users, we recommend avoiding the use of WP plugins when integrating JuicyAds adzones into your website. These plugins have a reputation for altering the source code, which can lead to unexpected issues and complications.

Instead, we suggest utilizing the Text Widget feature available in WordPress. The Text Widget allows you to insert code snippets into specific locations on your website based on your theme's settings, while keeping the code unaltered.

By directly using the Text Widget, you can ensure a more seamless integration of JuicyAds adzones without the risk of interference from third-party plugins. This approach helps to maintain the proper display and functionality of the adzones on your website.

Using third-party plugins for this purpose may result in unexpected outcomes and could potentially cause the adzones to not display correctly or fail to appear altogether.

If you require assistance or guidance on how to utilize the Text Widget for integrating JuicyAds adzones into your WordPress website, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. We are here to provide you with the necessary support and ensure a smooth integration process.

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