I loaded funds to my Juicyads account that did not get added to my balance. What do I do?

Generally when loading funds to your JuicyAds account the transaction is processed within minutes, but in some cases it can take up to an hour. There are some instances however that your account load is processed, but funds do not appear to be added to the available balance.

Don't panic. If this happens, please contact one of our live support reps or open a support ticket asap with the following information so we can manually add the payment to your balance:

1) Email/Username of your JuicyAds account.

2) The amount you attempted to load to your account.

3) The unique payment transaction ID/number.

4) The method of payment.

*If you attempted to load your account using our credit card processor, please check your email for any communications from them before contacting us. Occasionally they will randomly review an account load which can delay processing time. After you have confirmed that you have no email from, please contact us with the information requested above.

For more information on how to load funds to your account, please click HERE.

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