Why is my campaign not getting any traffic?

Juicyads is a live bidding platform, so in order to ensure that you receive traffic to your campaign, you need to make sure your bid is competitive to other advertisers targeting the same country.

For each campaign, you will be given the top bid, average bid, recommended bid, and minimum bid requirement. The rates of the bid will vary based upon the country you are targeting. Popunder campaigns will list bids based on desktop/mobile.

A low bid may not be the only reason why your campaign may not be receiving traffic. Below is a list of things to consider if your campaign is not getting any clicks or impressions:

Banner Campaigns

1) Banner campaigns can take up to 6 hours to be integrated into our system once activated. This means that after initial approval, you added your banners, and activated your campaign, it can still take a few hours before you start seeing any activity in your campaign stats.

2) If the campaign is a Whitelist, have you selected any sources to target? If not, this is likely the reason why you are not seeing traffic to your campaign. Please visit the JuicyAds Marketplace to add sources to target.

3) Have you loaded your banner yet? Has your banner been approved by our staff? How much traffic is available for the banner/country you loaded?

4) Have you selected at least one device/country to target?

5) Is your campaign active? If not, you need to manually activate your campaign in order for it to run.

Popunder Campaigns

1) Is your campaign set to active?

2) Is there a carrier filter added to your campaign? If so, you may want to contact your sales manager or a live support operator to see if there is enough inventory available for the carriers/geos selected.


*If you have reviewed the list of possible causes and still do not see any traffic to your campaign, please contact your sales rep or live support and we will be happy to take a closer look for you.


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