How Do I Report MALWARE or Unacceptable Ads On My Site?

We at JuicyAds do everything we can to make sure we are one of the cleanest networks in the industry. We scan our ads several times an hour to ensure that the quality of ads delivered to your website(s) is high. We do NOT allow any of the following ad types in our network:

1- ANY content depicting underage materials.

2- Any sort of "Tech Support" or fake virus alert ads which falsely claim that any device has been scanned and found to have viruses; potential or otherwise.

3- Any ad leading to a site that is in violation of our terms of service.

4- Any site which violates or infringes on copyrighted materials.

5- Any sort of broken landing page which does not load content.

6- Any sort of "auto download" that intentionally downloads malicious content (i.e. .apk files) onto a surfers device.

7- Any promotion of illegal substances/products are strictly forbidden in our network.

That being said, there are times where an ad may "slip through the cracks" or is changed after it has been reviewed and approved by our staff. No network is 100% impervious to this type of material, however we do everything in our power to track down, review, and remove any questionable content. In you happen to come across anything listed above, or you feel there is something else that may violate our terms of service, please provide all of the following information to , open a ticket, or contact one of our Live Support reps:

1) IP of device that saw the malware

2) Time the malicious content was viewed (in US Eastern Standard Time if possible)

3) Date the malicious content was viewed

4) Country in which the malicious content was viewed.

5) URL the malicious content was delivered or viewed on (aka your website)

The following information is helpful, however not always needed to locate any malicious ad, but the more information we have, the better chance we have of locating it as fast as possible:

1) Landing Page URL of the malicious ad

2) Device the malicious ad was viewed on

3) OS of the device the malicious ad was viewed on

4) Browser the malicious ad was viewed on

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