Adding Juicy Ads to Blogger/Blogspot

Blogger/Blogspot is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries.

Below is a brief tutorial on how to add our ad code to your Blogger site.

If you have followed the steps below, and continue to have issues with adding our code to your site, please contact our live support platform for further assistance. If our live support rep cannot help you, you will be given the contact information for one of our publisher account managers that can review it for you personally and can make a suggestion of any changes that need to be made.

How to verify your Blogger/Blogspot website on JuicyAds:

When trying to verify your website for Juicyads, you'll need to make a small change in our meta code. You'll need to change the meta tag from:

<meta name="juicyads-site-verification" content="CODE">


<meta name="juicyads-site-verification" content="CODE"/>

Popunder Code:

1. On the left side menu click Template

2. Under Live on Blog click Edit HTML.

3. Cope and paste the Juicy Ads popunder ad code just before the </head> tag

4. click Save template

5. Your ad is now live on your Blogger site.


Banner Code:

1. On the left side menu click Template

2. Under Live on Blog click Edit HTML.

3. Click Jump to widget, here you have quick shortcuts to the HTML code for where you wish to display ads.

4. Once you choose a widget section, you will see the HTML code, for example if you choose Header 1, copy and paste the Juicy Ads ad code just under the widget line.

5. click Save template

6. Your ad is now live in the chosen section(s) of your Blogger site.

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    when i tried to put it at head tags, it shown error like this "Error parsing XML, line 3765, column 98: The reference to entity "u" must end with the ';' delimiter.". please help

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